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Yo WhatsApp APK download for Android.

Yo WhatsApp APK download.

Yo WhatsApp APK Download: This is the latest topic I found on the internet. After the success of GB WhatsApp APK, the Yo WhatsApp APK is coming for people. Generally, this app is made because of people’s need some more extra Features than a normal WhatsApp.

Yo WhatsApp
Yo WhatsApp

If you want to know more about Yo WhatsApp then read this article up to last. Because in this Yo WhatsApp APK download post I tell every small detail of Yo WhatsApp. After reading this post you be know all Features of this app.

Yo WhatsApp APK – Evolution of Whatsapp.

If you know that, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. And you know that Facebook is a very huge company. And Facebook is doing improvement in WhatsApp and increasing the security of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the biggest social media platform where millions of people active.

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According to reports, WhatsApp crossed the 1 Billion users connected to WhatsApp.

But if you look on Yo WhatsApp APK then, most of the people like this APK themes and user experience. Normal WhatsApp is not bad but people want more features. I also use GB WhatsApp APK and I am trying to use this APK because according to me Yo WhatsApp APK is one step ahead.

I use Yo WhatsApp APK and I experience that best attractive themes, which keeps my UI so I spent more time. As same as Yo WhatsApp, the GB WhatsApp APK also provide best Features.

Yo WhatsApp APK is the unofficial app of WhatsApp. In the future, there may be fewer chances to be used worldwide because there may be WhatsApp can ban this app. But According to report WhatsApp to stop the banning people who use third-party WhatsApp. But I don’t know how many days this rule is to follow.

Yo WhatsApp APK – Pack of Features

Above heading show a feature of Yo WhatsApp. I used this app so I can tell you Features that are used and shocked me. If you search on the play store then this app is not available. Because of security issues. But in my opinion, there is no security issue you found. The theme is the most important Feature only because of themes the App is popular.

In Yo WhatsApp APK you get many unseen Features which are never seen before in WhatsApp. If you using GB WhatsApp APK then I suggest you upgrade GB WhatsApp APK with this Yo WhatsApp. Features are the most important. You easily Yo WhatsApp download from our website.

Below I explained some popular Features, which is a big reason why Yo WhatsApp is popular. In the app 30+ Features available but I explained only a five Features but you get a brief idea of Yo WhatsApp APK. Then read below five Features and after this, you learn how to download and install Yo WhatsApp in any Android phone.

Features of Yo WhatsApp APK:

1. Last seen:

This is the most recent Feature which is also available on GB WhatsApp APK. This feature can help you to hide last seen from your friends and family. You know that privacy is important if you look at WhatsApp. Because most of the people try to hide their last seen in WhatsApp but in normal WhatsApp, it is hard to hide last seen.

But if you download Yo WhatsApp then you be able to hide last seen. And you can chat on WhatsApp without any time limit.

2. Hide Double tick mark:

You can notice that when you send any message on WhatsApp then for confirmation the WhatsApp shows a tick mark. One tick mark means the message is reached but WhatsApp is not open, double tick mark means the message is reached and the user is online but can’t read a message and double tick mark with blue color means the message is successfully read.

This feature is work on both sides. Means if you using WhatsApp APK and you send a message to a friend who uses WhatsApp then if you send a message with hiding tick mark then same the friend cannot see tick marks.

3. Upload video up to 700 MB:

In normal WhatsApp, you cannot upload big size Video but if you switch in Yo WhatsApp then you cross this limit. And you can upload up to 700 MB of large Video. It means you can share any 720p movie on WhatsApp. On the internet, some social media platform give access to share up to 1 GB of File. But in normal WhatsApp, you cannot share big size Video.

If you like to share big Video files then Download Yo WhatsApp APK in your mobile.

4. Change notification bar icon:

When you get WhatsApp message then some part of the message is shown. And when you in public place and you get a notification then many read starring at you and your message. By using this Feature you can change the notification bar icon. If you set the icon of YouTube then no one understands the message and he will never know about what message you get.

5. Application launcher icon Change:

This is a very cool Feature given by Yo WhatsApp. This is like some hacking. It is very awesome to change the icon of Yo WhatsApp. Which one you like to set this icon, in Yo WhatsApp 11 icons available means you can have 11 choices. So set your favorite icon.

This is some popular or important Features of Yo WhatsApp APK and for using all Features you need to download the Yo WhatsApp file. And I am sure you like all the Features. For Yo WhatsApp download go to last of the article you get the Download link.

How to download and install Yo WhatsApp APK from Sure APK website.

For simplicity, I provide a download link of Google Drive so you can easily download this app through Google drive.

How to download:

  • 1. Click on the Download button which is given at the last.
  • 2. When you click the Download will be started.
  • 3. The Google drive was very fast so the download is complete in less than one minute.

How to install:

  • 1. After following above steps you can download Yo WhatsApp.
  • 2. After downloading click on the downloaded File.
  • 3. Go to settings and enable the Unknown Source option.
  • 4. And easily install Yo WhatsApp in your mobile.

Follow the above steps to download Yo WhatsApp APK in any Android Device.


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